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5 essential tips to get your pantry organised

Looking to get your pantry and kitchen spaces organised? Here’s our top tricks and tips to create a pantry that’s a joy to open, making cooking at home a breeze!

1. Clear Out Expired Items.

To get started, take out all your items from the pantry, and give each of the items and shelves a good wipe down. You can also check through your items and throw away expired items or old spices, as they’ll lack flavour.

2. Introduce Containers. 

If you haven’t been using storage containers, it’s time to make them your new best friend! Take note of everything you have, then you can decide whether you need small, medium or large containers. 

If you decide to coordinate your containers, such as all-glass or stainless ones, they will instantly make your pantry look immaculate. You can even source vintage and second-hand crates, baskets, and wide vases to keep loose items tidy. 

TIP: For those with limited pantry space, opt for containers that are stackable.

3. Use Labels.

You can use masking tape with neat handwriting for a cheap and easy option, or you can purchase pantry labels from Kmart or other similar stores for your kitchen essentials. 

Don’t forget about adding the purchase or expiry date on your labels too. Another great way to stay organised.

4. Where do things go?

Store baskets and open containers at an easy to reach height. 

Occasional items like baking goods could be stored in closed tins to keep dust out, and can be located on higher shelves. 

For those with young kids, pop healthy after school snacks at an easy level for them to grab, and those tempting treats like chocolate and sweets on a higher shelf out of reach.

5. Keep Pantry Fresh.

Add a homemade odour and damp eater to keep your pantry smelling fresh.  An open box of bicarb with some essential citrus oils smells fresh and is a simple but effective homemade remedy, and only needs to be stirred up every now and then and replaced yearly.