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5 reasons to buy land at Maplestone right now!

The popularity of land in Sunbury has soared in recent years, and with an incredible history and architecture, this suburb is renowned for its historical significance, wineries and geological marvels.

With 90% of the estate sold out, it’s not too late to find your dream home in the beautiful area of Sunbury, and right now you can still get affordable lots at Maplestone!

1. Affordable living.

The sooner you get out of the rental market, the more rent money you’ll save and the more time your property has to potentially accrue in value. 

Sure, buying land is a bigger outlay upfront, but you’re building equity (which can be used to invest) and creating an asset that’s all yours. 

With prices still relatively low in Sunbury, it’s attracting plenty of new homeowners and investors alike, and purchasing land in Sunbury will be a smart long-term decision as well.

2. Connected to Sunbury, Melbourne Airport and more…

Just minutes from the bustling centre of Sunbury, surrounded by fresh air and open space, life in Sunbury provides a relaxed suburban living with existing and upcoming amenities all around.

Did you also know that Tullamarine International Airport is just down the road? A short 10-minute drive by car can take you straight to the airport

3. Future at Maplestone.

With an upcoming town centre located within walking distance to Maplestone, you will not need to travel far to enjoy the effortlessly connected lifestyle in the immediate area. 

Plus enjoy future sporting fields, primary and secondary schools that will shape a rich and vibrant neighbourhood.

4. Location, location, location…

Thanks to its location and positioning, Sunbury and Maplestone is the perfect place to live for young professionals, families, elderly, or those who want to keep a good connection to Melbourne city. Located 39km from the CBD, it is a perfect balance of city and country life.

5. There’s never a “perfect” time!

They say life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans. If you’re feeling nervous about signing a land contract but can’t pinpoint any specific or overly prohibitive financial reasons why, you may be overthinking it.

Listen to your instincts but at the same time know that your first home doesn’t need to be forever! Talk to your family or friends who have bought land before – especially more recently – about their experiences.

Our friendly team is here to chat with you about the land purchasing process. Say hello to us today.

We still have a few more lots available in Stage 6 at Maplestone, but hurry, these will not last long. Don’t miss out on the final opportunity to purchase land in Sunbury. 

Book your appointment now with our Sales Team, you can call them on (03) 9684 8132, or visit our Land Sales Office located at 605 Sunbury Road. 

*Financial advice is general in nature. Seek professional financial advice before making any financial decisions.