Discover the benefits of Modular living with TMC3 - Maplestone

Discover the benefits of Modular living with TMC3

As the need for sustainable, efficient, and affordable housing grows, more builders turn to modular housing solutions. With modular construction, the frame of the home is premade in a warehouse and then brought to the building site for assembly, providing a range of benefits from time savings through to sustainability perks.

At Maplestone, we are pleased to offer ‘The Hawke Collection, an exclusive range of 3D modular homes from modular home builder, TMC3, developed by RCL Group.

The 3D pre-fabricated concrete modules are created offsite in a warehouse, then delivered to the building site for construction. The TMC3 3D modules are stacked vertically and horizontally to form the super structure of the house, with internal and external cladding to fit off the home in the normal way a home is constructed, creating architecturally beautiful townhouses with sustainability benefits, plus time and cost savings.

Read on to discover the benefits of modular living with TMC3.

Building Greener:

TMC3 embraces sustainability at its core. Their 3D precast concrete panels boast high thermal mass, ensuring optimal insulation against all weather conditions. By reducing your home’s energy consumption, TMC3 helps you cut down on electricity bills while minimising your carbon footprint. With a minimum energy rating of 7.5 stars, 1.5 stars above the minimum threshold for modern buildings, TMC3 homes exceed industry standards, exemplifying their commitment to building greener.

Building Faster:

Modular building with TMC3 drastically reduces the time needed for building on-site by using premade concrete 3D modules. By prefabricating the home frame in a controlled warehouse environment, the construction process is streamlined, allowing you to reach the lock-up stage swiftly and efficiently. At Maplestone, we have fast-tracked the build process further and have a range of turnkey townhouses ready for you to move into.

Building Smarter:

TMC3 isn’t just about speed and sustainability; it’s about smart design and flexibility. Their pre-fabricated concrete modules enjoy an acoustic benefit, providing a quieter living environment for inhabitants. The modules are also incredibly durable, meaning there’s less maintenance required, compared to standard timber framing, which can warp and move over time. With TMC3, you can rest assured that your home will be protected against termites and adverse weather affecting its structure. TMC3 modular homes are architecturally designed to maximise space and functionality, allowing you to use your space as it suits your life. Whether you prefer open-plan living or crave a cosy retreat, TMC3 offers versatile floor plans to suit your lifestyle. With options for three or four bedrooms, multiple study spaces, home offices, and entertainment hubs, you can customise your living space to reflect your unique needs.

At Maplestone, we believe that homeownership should be accessible to all. With our range of ready built modular townhouses, we offer full turnkey packages that alleviate upfront costs, requiring only a 10% deposit with nothing more to pay until completion.

Take a look at our current turnkey townhouses available at Maplestone here and speak with one of our team today about buying your dream home.