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Benefits of smaller lots

Offering a heap of benefits, it’s easy to understand why smaller lots are becoming increasingly popular throughout Victoria and Australia.

With Australian builders coming up with creative designs that maximise space to make the most of a compact size, they offer great lifestyle flexibility and affordability.

Find out more below and see why smaller land in Sunbury could be the right fit for you!

Save on $$$ money!

It’s a no brainer, smaller lots are more affordable where you can save on outset costs, stamp duty, ongoing council rates and more. You can also save on utility bills with heating and cooling costs.

With extra cash, you can contribute this towards upgrading your home, or maybe splurge on a holiday!

Creative designs.

There are a ton of ideas out there to make the most of a compact space, without compromising on the design. You can build your dream abode with the rooms and space you want.

Whether you choose for an open plan layout, or opt for hidden storage spaces, your boutique home can still feel spacious, cosy and comfortable.

Easier care and upkeep.

A smaller home requires far less maintenance and upkeep than bigger homes. You can free up your time instead of spending hours cleaning and maintaining your house.

Environmentally friendly.

With a smaller space, you (literally) have a smaller ecological footprint. Combine this with a good orientation with solar solutions, to help achieve an energy-efficient and cost-effective home.

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