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Buying your first home?

We have seen record levels of first home buyer activity since the start of 2020. With all the government incentives circulating around, including the First Home Owners Grant (FHOG), we think now is the best time to get yourself into the property market!

The process and decisions involved can be overwhelming at first. With countless forms, sorting out your finances, sit-downs and questions on everything. Read on for our top 4 ways to get yourself closer to buying your first home and make the buying process at Maplestone much easier.

1. Research.

It is always good to start by doing your research, to better understand the current property market and to identify the do’s and don’ts. You can start by talking to your parents, friends or colleagues about what they look for, and do in preparation for buying a home. You can even give our Sales Consultant Pooja a call to help you get started on your home buying journey and one step closer towards getting into the property market.

2. Sort Your Finances.

Do you know how much you can afford for mortgage repayments? What about how much you need to save for your home deposit? We recommend talking to your bank manager and financial specialists who can figure out your best options. It is always smart to shop around to different financial advisors to work out who your best fit is, and who can help you choose the right home loan for you – where you don’t need to compromise on your lifestyle. 

3. The Buffer.

After you have your finances ready, and you know the amount you want to spend on that dream house of yours, create a small buffer amount on top of all costs for anything unexpected. The price of your house and land won’t be the only costs you’ll need to cover. Factor in costs of moving, council rates, conveyancing, home and content insurance, loan application, ongoing bank fees and home furnishings as well.

4. Your New Community.

Starting your new home journey is an exciting time. The community you live in can have more impact on your life satisfaction than the house itself. Visit the sales office, the wider Sunbury community and check out the surrounding facilities. Make sure you have access to all you need and more. 

At Maplestone, relish the convenient, connected lifestyle that Sunbury has to offer.

  • 40-kilometres from Melbourne city
  • 15-minutes from Melbourne International airport
  • 5-minutes to Sunbury’s thriving retail hub with great cafes, Sunbury Square shopping centre, public transport and more!

Get the conversation started and get in touch with our sales agent Pooja, who can help and discuss your different options: (03) 9684 8132.