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Maximise space in bathrooms

Bathrooms are an important part of your home and a vital part of your daily routine. Spending your mornings standing in a tiny bathroom that feels cluttered is perhaps not the best way to start your day. 

Making a small bathroom both functional and stylish can be a challenge. But we have 5 clever tips on how you can maximise space in your bathroom, even if it’s the size of a shoebox!

Make use of the over-the-toilet space

That wasted space above your toilet could be an additional space for storage or display. Add a shelving unit or some modern floating shelves. 

Free up floor space

Choosing a floating vanity in your bathroom can give your small space a major facelift. This creates more floor space and makes your bathroom feel bigger too. You can also place baskets under your vanity for additional storage. 

The bathtub

Fitting a bathtub in your family bathroom is a great way to increase the value of your home, especially if you’re looking to resell the house in a few years’ time. Bathtubs come in variety of sizes with different widths and depths, and you can find one that fits into your space, without it taking up the whole room.

In-shower niche

Instead of adding a shelving unit into your shower area, ask your builder to create a shelf built into the wall. It will give you more storage and it looks ultra-chic! 

Add some greenery

Add a small plant as a finishing touch to your bathroom to create a calming balance. It will instantly lift any cluttered areas and create a fresh vibe to the room.