Sunbury - Home of the Ashes - Maplestone

Sunbury – Home of the Ashes

Did you know that The Ashes was born in Sunbury?

Sunbury boasts a rich history dating back to 1836, featuring influential figures like pastoralist Big Clarke, his son William Clarke, and the notorious Kelly Gang. William Clarke, pivotal in Sunbury’s narrative, gained prominence after constructing his impressive residence, Rupertswood, in 1874. He also enjoyed tenure as president of the Melbourne Cricket Club, which further solidified his significance.

William’s connection to the Melbourne Cricket Club led to the English Cricket Club spending Christmas of 1882 in Sunbury at Rupertswood. That Christmas Eve, the English team played a social game against a local team.

As a joke, Lady Janet Clarke, the wife of William, burnt bails, placed them in a small urn, and presented them to the captain of the English team, Ivo Bighn. She proposed that the ashes of the burnt bails be used as a perpetual trophy for matches between the two countries.

Now, over a century later, this trophy, known as the Ashes, has evolved into one of the most sought after trophies in the sporting world.

As the birthplace of The Ashes, Sunbury boasts a range of cricket ovals, all conveniently located within an 8 minute drive from Maplestone, providing you with the means to easily continue the cricketing tradition of Sunbury.

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