Unveiling Sunbury's Cutting-Edge Road and Transport Upgrades - Maplestone

Unveiling Sunbury’s Cutting-Edge Road and Transport Upgrades

As our community grows, so does the need for more infrastructure in Sunbury. The Victorian government is upgrading both the Sunbury train line and Sunbury Road, with plans for projects to be
completed in 2025. This will make commuting smoother for all Maplestone residents.

The upgrades include new lanes on Sunbury Road between Powlett St and Bulla-Diggers Rest, a new bridge over Jacksons Creek, new walking and cycling paths and additional safety barriers installed. This will mean improved traffic flow, safer walking and cycling in your local area and lower risk and severity of crashes.

In addition to the road improvements, our Sunbury Train line is being upgraded to allow for bigger and more modern trains to increase capacity and reliability for commuters. These upgrades include power upgrades between Sunbury and the Metro Tunnel entrance near South Kensington station, platform extensions at eight stations between Sunbury and Footscray, installation of wheelchair boarding platforms at eight stations and train stabling upgrades at Sunbury, Calder Park and Watergardens.

When this project is complete it will create an end-to-end Sunbury to Pakenham/Cranbourne rail line linked by the Metro Tunnel and give Sunbury Line passengers direct access to five new CBD stations, including connections to the City Loop. These changes by the Victorian government will give us more flexibility in how we live, commute, work and study, which will help our community to flourish. If you would like to learn more please see the big build website here.